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Lindsay's Mama Drama 14.May.2007

Lindsay and Jane Fonda in Georgia RuleDina Lohan, Lindsay's MILFish but scarily botoxed mom, has been telling off executives and the paparazzi for years in defense of her daughter but she may have gone too far. At the premiere of Lindsay's newest film, Georgia Rule, Dina worked as a correspondant for E! (ever since they hired Ryan Seacrest their credit just keeps going up. As you may recall, Georgia Rule, was the film that Lindsay worked on last summer. The film received a lot of negative press attention because Lindsay repeatedly showed up to set very late or not at all with her excuse being "I'm tired" which apparently executives didn't think was a very good one. Or maybe the executives were just upset that they were spending millions on a movie that should be on Lifetime. Lindsay's one mistake was forgetting the fact that her life is constantly documented which means you can't say you were home sleeping when you were actually running around pantyless at a nightclub. Anyway legendary actress and peace activisit Jane Fonda, Lindsay's co-star, apparently didn't appreciate LaLohan's diva tendencies. Dina however decided she would ask Fonda if she had any advice for her daughter. An obviously miffed Fonda responded along the lines of "Don't screw it up!" which seems a bit pointed.Oh mama Lohan