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Star Jones Doesn't Mind Fat Jokes Anymore, Doesn't Miss Big Gay Al Either 17.May.2008

Don't make me hurt youIt's amazing what losing 160 pounds and a freeloading Downtown Boy can do for a woman. These days Star looks almost pretty (she still scares me a bit with those murderdeathkill eyes). And she seems to have grown a sense of humor to compensate for the loss of BBW-loving Big Gay Al.

Star recently hosted a segment for some "Bad Girls Club" reunion (whatever the f**k that is) where a full-fledged brawl broke out after one girl told another she was "one cheeseburger away from being obese."

The now-svelte Star was able to find some humor in the unseemly display. After a commercial break, she said, "If I punched every bitch who called me fat, it would be dead bitches all up and down the highway."