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Daisy Is Furious With Papa Joe For Ruining Jessica's Wedding Dreams. She Also Needs A Father Figure 17.May.2008

No! Not the metal detector again!She's also really concerned about Jessica's recent binge-drinking. If she doesn't sober up soon, who's going to carry her through the airport and try to get her free X-rays? The next time that creepy bastard lets himself in with the spare key she's going right for his 'nads, Cujo style.

While Mommy's publicists steadfastly refuse to confirm the split, Papa Joe has been bombarding Tony with pleas to escort Jessica to her sister's wedding this weekend as promised. I have a feeling he'll do the honorable thing and go with her. The whole family will probably gang up on him, using whatever means necessary to change his mind about the whole mess. And Jess will probably get blind, stinking drunk while they do.

There were numerous reports of her binge-drinking while she was with Tony; now that she's alone expect those reports to increase both in frequency and intensity. And like Britney, she will be shunned to the side in favor of her younger sister. No wonder she's a lush.