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The Only Thing Good About This Movie Was The Soundtrack And Jonathan Rhys Meyers's Eyes. 26.Nov.2007

August Rush castWhat can I say? I was wrong. The trailer was misleading. Yes the movie was a musical fairytale so it was not supposed to be realistic but it was sold differently. The dialogue was awful ("Did you hear that? It's a wish being made? " "What does that sound like? ") Ugh. And then Freddie Highmoore who was so adorable in Finding Neverland is now about to hit his awkward stage and was so almost creepy as the musical prodigy August Rush. He told everyone he was following the music. That is the motto of schizophrenics. The film was a great oppurtunity for Keri Russell and Rhys Meyers to show that even in close up shots they are still beautiful but Keri's talents were wasted (unlike in Waitress which comes out on DVD tomorrow I believe. And she was trying to hard to look like a cellist making her not look like a cellist) and Rhys Meyers was almost too Irish, if that is possible. He made the Lucky Charms leprechaun look more serious. Basically it was a lot of good actors wasting their talents on a fluffy script (and Robin Williams played yet another creepy guy. Even meaner than the asshole minister in Liscense to Wed). However, I did enjoy the music. Actually the best part of the film was Jamia Simone Nash who provided the comic relief and has an unbelievable voice for a tiny little girl.