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The Lohan Chronicles: The Family That Gets Paid Together Stays Together. 22.Aug.2007

It's all pretty clear to me now. Earlier this week the Lohans were spotted at the airport, allegedly making the trip to see Lindsay in rehab. This puzzled me. We all know the Lohans don't do family therapy. They only see Lindsay when there's money involved.

I'll be back, bitches.True to form, there was a deal in the works, and the winning bidder was OK Weekly, who's publishing their fluff piece this week. It includes a shot of Lindsay, prim and proper, reading the AA Big Book. I wonder how much the Lohans got for this - at the very least the airfare and hotels were likely paid for by the tabloid. Do you think they got a happy family shot? That would have been worth every penny.

In other Lindsay news, all this good acting, I mean, hard work at rehab may be paying off. TMZ reports that the DA is considering knocking down the felony DUI charges to misdemeanors, and that they are "not inclined" to throw the book at her for the coke charges either. Maybe Dina dragged the whole family out for that, too. They would have put on the performance of a lifetime. After all, they don't want to lose their little meal ticket. With the charges reduced, Lindsay faces less than a week in jail - if she sees any jail at all. I'm sure Paris is loving that.