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Review: "the Invisible" Keeps It Too Real For Most! 30.Apr.2007

I'm one of those people that loves a 'grab-bag-of-whatever' ...Those evil Movie studios trying to trick folks into theaters this week with "no advance screenings" for film reviewers confused a few...(and we all know that usually means you're going to get an awful film).

This 'weaks' flick had some scratching their heads; at our screening of "The Invisible" two teenage girls complained how it was "worst 90 minutes" they every spent -- you might think they were expecting Demi Moore's ("Ghost") to come popping out...showing her scary bad legs (now there's a horror story).

"The Invisible," billed as the "ghost no one can see but some people can hear" is actually a very "low key" drama and pretty decent as movies go...although, for most (expecting spooks), it might be "too introspective, to the point that it doesn't build enough conflict or tension." -- But, hey the popcorn was hot and sticky!