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Nicole Richie Is Apparently Eating Enough For Two. Motherhood Becomes Her. 10.Aug.2007

Of all the celebutantes, I've always liked Nicole the best. She was always a partyer and trouper, but when the chips are down and the other girls are crying to their mommy about getting a rash from the sheets, Nicole gets her shit together and comes out with her head held high.

Here's a picture of Nicole looking better than she has in a long time, with her cute little belly bump. Cute little mommy

Wow, she sure looks kinda big for four or five months - but that's a good thing for baby and mother. She looks healthy enough to carry that baby to term, which is more than anyone could say even a month ago. Guess that Balenciaga bag really did hide alot. She better hurry up and get her three days' jail sentence done while she can still see her feet. Wonder who will be named godmother?