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Larry Birkhead Getting Used To Spending Anna Nicole's Money, Drops A Grand At Petit Tresor. 27.Jun.2007

You knew this day would come. With Larry her guardian and Howard K. her executor, did you expect anything different?

Larry took his little princess to Le Petit Tresor, where he blew $1,000 on things like pink cashmere elephants and a bunch of Onesies with "Tycoon" printed on them. Tasteful as always, Larry.

Tycoon and buffoonLarry is also getting used to living in Anna's house. I mean, he has to, because it's his daughter's house. What a sacrifice he had to make, giving up a flagging career and crappy apartment somewhere to move into his famous dead babymama's mansion and live the rich life.

The saddest part of this mess is that Larry and Howard are banking on the Marshall lawsuit coming through with a fat settlement. Howard is probably still living with his parents and banking whatever fees he's getting from Anna's estate. I'm sure Larry gets something out of it as well. Hey, if things work out right, they may never have to hold a real job again.