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Jennifer Garner Comes To Broadway! 20.Aug.2007

Jennifer and familyThat girl does everything. Kicks butt, reforms Ben Affleck, acts well and has the third cutest baby in Hollywood (after Suri and Shiloh. Okay maybe it is a three way tie). Jennifer will be appearing in a limited run of the play Cyrano (Yes, the one about the guy with the really big nose and the inspiration for the stupid film Roxanne starring Steve Martin. It was also inspiration for the even dumber film, Whatever it Takes). The play co-stars Kevin Kline, a Broadway snob. No he is very talented and a great stage actor. Kevin will be playing the role of Cyrano and Jen will be the object of his affection. Should be a good time but probably a little priceless. Just go rent Alias and play some classical music in the background and you'll get the idea.