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Relapses, Restraining Orders And Johnny Wright: Which Way Will Ali Lohan Go? 27.Sep.2008

I'm having fun. Really. Loads.I was kinda surprised when I read the source article on this. According to Page Six, there's someone out there that actually thinks Ali has some talent. And it's someone who would know.

One of those mysterious inside sources says that Johnny Wright, who manages Justin Timberlake and the Jonas Brothers, "has offered to help out Ali and guide her career." The only problem is her momager, the career-killing, non-parental White Oprah. She would never agree to split her manager's fee with anyone - not even the father of the exploited child in question. Besides, she thinks she knows best - after all, just look at the great job she did with Lindsay. She can't even manage herself, and is poison to Ali's career. That's why Ali's face is stuck in a perpetual frown.

Ali says she really wants to be famous like her big sister, but she's only in love with the trappings of fame. It's not that she's not driven enough, or strong enough; I just don't think she has the talent. But I'm no Johnny Wright. He does co-manage the Jonas boys with their dad and Little Man JT with his mama, so maybe he knows how to handle stage parents. I bet he won't take her for an audition with a porn producer like Dina did.