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Two And A Half Tweets And A Machete: Charlie Sheen Working On That 5150 09.Mar.2011

This will be the next stepDoes it seem that farfetched to you? The man is bonkers bordering on batshit crazy. Sooner or later they've gotta take him in if he keeps up with all the outbursts. If you or I got fired from our job and showed up on a roof guzzling tiger blood and waving a machete we'd be restrained and sedated. He's not TV's golden boy anymore. As a matter of fact, word is the network is already hard at work recasting the lead and zeroing in on their next star. He's looking more and more like Mackenzie Phillips every day.

Not that his sudden unemployment seems to have slowed him down any. He's tweeting like a Kardashian. He's doing his live radio show. He's talking about touring with a stage show, mega-licensing deals for his new logo, #WINNING, which he wants to put on everything from coffee cups to diaphragms to crack pipes (OK, I made up the last two) and thinks he's going to keep himself and his ex-wives and children in the style to which they're accustomed with this buffoonery. He'll be broke in six months, but his kids are young. That's a big chunk of cash to cover for years to come.

It'll be harder than ever now that Charlie's made himself almost unemployable by his dangerous, self-destructive behavior. He doesn't seem to think he has a problem; it's everybody else that's f**ked up. He can't keep going at this pace, though, and if no one can find a way to slow his roll the crash will be horrific.