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Pink's Lesbian Kiss Removes All Doubt Of Marriage Trouble. Carey Who? 11.Nov.2007

More than a peckLet's face it. We've never seen Pink get that passionate with anyone, least of all her husband. Maybe she got sick of hearing all the rumors of Carey's blond playmate and decided to get one of her own. Is what's good for the goose good for the gander?

Perhaps the Pink-Harts have one of those open marriages - you know, the ones that always implode when the bottom's had enough. She always puts on a tough face, like nothing fazes her, but having her husband's alleged infidelity thrown in her face over and over again must be taking its toll.

Does this liplock spell the end of Pink's short-lived marriage? Or is this just drunk and horny manifesting itself in a crowded bar? Depending on where Carey stands, he'll either be really pissed ... or really proud.