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The Hoff Tours Canada, Skips Stomach Pump But Brawls With Little Old Person 09.Nov.2009

Well, he's done it again. The Hoff paid a visit to a casino in the Great White North about a week ago. He allegedly got into some kind of altercation with an elderly patron that resulted in David being removed by three security guards - yet he was spotted back at the bar hours later, drinking again. Somehow he avoided yet another trip to the hospital for alcohol poisoning - or they've got him packed into a snowbank somewhere until he sobers up.

There's no word where The Hoff is now, but you can be sure he's either drunk, thinking about drinking or nursing a hangover. Will he ever get clean? It's doubtful. He's a very large man who doesn't take orders from anyone, and he's probably in denial that a problem even exists. He's also probably surrounded by people who egg him on in one way or another.

It's a shame that someone so talented is living like this. The Hoff is an easy target for ridicule, but he has had his successes: Baywatch, Knight Rider and who can forget his monster hit, Hooked On A Feeling? (The video is hilarious.) If he doesn't get his shit together they'll never be able to make the Baywatch movie, and that would be tragic. Pam will never be able to finish her pool now.