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The Lohan Chronicles: Mom Will Be So Pleased. Lindsay Partied At Pure Last Night. 15.Jul.2007

To be honest, Lindsay appeared to be completely sober during the several hours she hung out at Pure Las Vegas this weekend. There were no Vox water bottles and no sightings of Samantha Ronson. (Note to Ronson: Sue this, Stumpy! Lindsay was NEVER straight in your presence. Your self-righteous indignation isn't fooling anyone.) She didn't run in and out of the bathroom either.

Lindsay's looking boobalicious

It's only been a couple of weeks since Lindsay was released from residential rehab, and I thought she was supposed to be in some kind of extended care program. At the very least, she isn't supposed to go anywhere "high risk" without some kind of minder with her. That smiling pony in the red sequins parked next to her doesn't look very sober.

And then there's Ms. Lohan's attire. You know your dress is cut too low when your boobs are casting a shadow over your lap. Have you noticed that Lindsay's boobs are looking more and more like Britney's every day? They are definitely heading south - must be all that comfort food in rehab.

Maybe Lindsay was just looking to get a little - the rehab may have worked for her substance abuse issues, but her rampant promiscuity was probably not discussed. Can you just hear the discussion thread in group therapy? "Do you have a f***ing problem, Lindsay? " "No, I f***, I get up, I go out, no problem." Or something to that effect.