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I Am Not A Baz Luhrman Fan And I Am Not Usually A Nicole Fan But Australia Looks Amazing!! 27.Sep.2008

Hugh and NicoleThere are two kinds of people in this world. People who loved Moulin Rouge and people who didn't. I was in the latter category. I don't like movies where I feel like I am tripping on drugs unless I am actually tripping on drugs. However, I think Baz may have calmed down a bit for his newest film, "Australia." Yeah apparently they were affected by World War II also so this is a story about that. Nicole Kidman plays her usual character: rich, gorgeous woman who has to take care of a farm and falls for some ruggid, hot cowboy (okay Cold Mountain was slightly different because there was snow.) Hugh Jackman plays the cowboy/rancher guy which was a wise choice because he is always good and he is Australian so his accent will be spot on. Anyway, the trailer is excellent especially with Patrick Doyle's beautiful score from Henry the 8th. I love the whole Wizard of Aus spin.