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It Is Going To Be A Fun Night At The Mtv Movie Awards. Go Superbad!!! 01.Jun.2008

Mike Myers and Cameron DiazLindsay at MTV Movie AwardsThe 2008 MTV Movie Awards will air tonight at 8 P.M. (but don't worry they will air 100 times after that if you miss them so this announcement is a bit pointless.) The usual fun categories will be presented (Best Kiss, Best Villian, Best On-Screen duo) and of course there will be very fun presenters like Lindsay Lohan (will she bring the old lady? And by old lady I mean Samantha Ronson and not her mother. Dina would totally kick my ass if I called her old. That lady is ripped.) Superbad has the most nominations and I hope Michael Cera who was nominated for both Superbad and Juno will go home with at least one award. Mike Myers is hosting because I guess MTV still thinks he is funny and popular (he won the lifetime acheivement award last year.) Lauren Conrad and stupid Heidi and Spencer will be there. Catfight in the audience? Mike Myers can only hope. There have been some great MTV Movie Awards show moments like the reenacted Notebook kiss my real-life lovers Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling and of course Sarah Silverman's triumphant lethal put-downs of a pre-jail bird Paris Hilton. And who can forget when Lindsay (in the last of her pre-anorexic/coke days) hosted the awards. I even recall her dancing.