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Did Cameron Diaz Lose Her Luggage? Britney Was Kind Enough To Lend Her A Dress. 29.Jun.2007

Or something like that. Look at the man hands on her - she could probably catch a trout bare-handed.

Cameron Diaz has been keeping a low profile since her exile to South America. I wonder how much somebody paid for that. She may still be smiling, but if I was Jessica Biel, I'd be worried about voodoo dolls.

Even in this rag I look better than you. But does Cameron really want her little JT back? Since being cast away like an old pair of shoes she's been looking tan, incredibly fit ... and actually happy. Perhaps it was a blessing in disguise.

And who's looking pissy now? It's hard to tell who looks more miserable, Justin or Jess. I bet the party never ends for these two behind closed doors - are they even staying in the same room? Will Jessica's pit bull dig a hole in the backyard for his new chew toy? It even squeaks like his old one.

Cammie needs to get herself some more of that surfer boy, Kelly Slater. Now that's a hot slice of man.