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Taylor Swift Continues To Have Like The Best Seven Weeks Ever. 03.Dec.2009

Taylor and SelenaI think even Selena Gomez looks a little resentful in this picture (even though she just landed herself a new movie deal in which plays some sort of psychic but like in a cool Teen Witch way and not like a scary Carrie way with religious moms and pig blood). Taylor just received NINE GRAMMY NOMINATIONS! You know she is going to win at least like three of them because there is no way Lady Gaga is gonna win song of the year (though I do love me some Gaga). The Grammy nods follow her Country Music Award album/artist of the year/world award which followed her awesome SNL hosting gig (I am pretty sure that is half the reason why they are letting Taylor Lautner host. They probably want her to do a cameo) which followed her getting together with Taylor (who I am not gonna lie, was probably the most awesome part of Twilight. Well definitely the most fascinating to watch) which followed her VMA win when Kanye dissed her but actually pretty much made her career that day. Plus she was on the first ever 3-D issue of InStyle! Sparkles!