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Aww, Why's Everybody Picking On Perez Hilton? Because He Can't Keep His Hands To Himself. 21.Jun.2007

I love Perez Hilton. His was the first gossip site I stumbled across a few years ago on a freelancing gig, and he just wowed me - still does. He makes me laugh out loud - then minimize quickly when the kids come around the corner to see what's so funny. "Nothing, dears. Go back to SpongeBob," I say.

Perez gets the hottest scoops and the dishiest blind items. He posts the best (read: worst) pics imaginable. The only problem is he doesn't like to share credit, or give it when it's due. That credit, depending on the photo agency involved, may involve a fee for use, and perhaps that's where Perez draws the line.

I could understand this back in the day, when Perez was still Mario Lavendeira by day, and his blog was his moonlighting gig. Like most of us bloggers, he didn't have a pot to piss in, and accordingly wasn't threatened with lawsuits when he snatched pics. And maybe he got used to that treatment, but times have changed.

Perez is now a money-making giant in the gossip industry. He's even making an appearance on The View, for crying out loud! He has become a star himself, getting big money from his sponsors, and he's certainly not shy about his newfound fame. Suddenly his pilfering of other sites' images is not such a laughing matter, and Perez is now facing no less than four separate lawsuits for copyright infringement and outright theft.

Now his webhost is getting into the fray, taking him offline for several hours until Perez was able to negotiate another hosting agreement. Could this spell the end for Perez? Not likely. He's having far too much fun to give it up now. You go, Papi!