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"i Wasn't Driving. The Black Kid Was Driving." 28.Jul.2007

The Lohan BoysAnd now we have even more proof that Lohan is a screwed up broad.

There is evidence that Lindsay carjacked the vehicle she was pulled over in. The DUI was bad enough. Now we find out the car wasn't even hers. The icing on the classless cake is Lohan's supposed comments while behind the wheel. It is reported that she exclaimed more than once that "I can't get in trouble. I'm a celebrity." What a deluded, sad little girl.

Upon being pulled over by the police, the boys trapped in the car with the "raging" Lohan claim she then tried to blame "the black kid". So classy. One of the boys was so terrified by her sudden car heist that he leapt from the car as she started driving. I remember when boys weren't afraid of Lindsay. I also seem to remember her having a valid career.

Is the info the boys are spewing credible? TMZ is usually frighteningly accurate. They could be lying. Who knows at this point. Lindsay sure isn't talking.