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Sienna Miller Is Uk's Kate Hudson: Out With The Old Rhys, In With The New 19.Jun.2008

Sienna for PepeYou've got to feel bad for Rhys Ifans. He fell hard for Sienna; you could tell by the way he followed her around like a lost puppy. And while she may have been fond of him, she wasn't feeling the same way, and she broke things off with him. If that wasn't bad enough, Rhys sold his house to live with Sienna, and now he's homeless, sleeping on friend's couches until he can get his shit together.

Sienna, meanwhile, is having a grand old time promoting Edge of Love with Keira Knightley and hanging out with old flame Matthew Rhys. That's right, she traded one Rhys for another. I bet she tried to do that with Jude, too, but it didn't pan out. Then again, like her American counterpart, Sienna would probably do it with anyone, and isn't losing sleep over wrecking a nice guy's life. Said counterpart is wasting no time in trying to legitimize her current fling with One Nut Bike Boy, even going so far as to have a Father's Day sit-down with her ex, Chris, and Lance's three kids. I'm going to laugh like hell when he dumps her like he did Sheryl and Kristin, the wife who helped nurse him through testicular cancer. Does Kate think she's better than them? Probably.