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Whitney Port Hates Twilight!!! What Are We Going To Do??? Admire Her On Her Cosmo Cover I Guess. 01.Apr.2009

Whitney on CosmoWhitney Port admitted outloud that she didn't like the movie Twilight. Now she hadn't read the book either (we're not sure if she has read any. She may count really big issues of Vogue as books) but she said she found the acting to be not great and Kristen Stewart to be one-dimensional. Hey Whit, have you met your friend Lauren Conrad? Anyway, what was awkward was during the interview Kim Stolz would not drop the Twilight thing and kept asking her what character she would play and Whit was like I don't give a crap. And then Kim kept talking about it. I guess the producers thought Whit seemed like a devotee but oh well. You can read what Whitney thinks about other things in the new issue of Cosmo which she graces the cover of this month. Twilight cast