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Tameka Isn't Going To Like This: Usher Parties In France Like A Single Man. Good Times! 18.Mar.2009

Usher in the good times!It was only last month that Tameka had that health scare in Brazil. She had gone there for liposuction only two months after giving birth to their second son (Insecure much? Most doctors recommend at least four months before surgery) when she went into cardiac arrest under general anesthesia. The doctors put her into an induced coma and after about a week in the hospital she recovered and was flown home. Usher did cancel a pre-Grammy performance to fly down there to be at her side, even though it was reported she snuck there behind his back.

Did Tameka finally outsmart herself? She has brilliantly insinuated herself into Usher's life, first as an assistant, then as his wife, even going so far as to banish his mother - but only temporarily. After his last album tanked, he saw the wisdom of his mother's guidance and overruled her, bringing Mom back as his agent.

Since the surgery incident things have been real quiet on the Usher front ... until now. This picture is just one of several hitting the web of Usher getting it ON with hot, drunken, large-breasted French women. He sure doesn't look like a beaten down husband anymore, does he?