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Straight Up Stalker: Unlucky In Love Paula Abdul Can't Get Rid Of Crazy Eyed Boyfriend 24.Jul.2008

Redrum redrum redrumPoor Paula. She just can't get it right. I guess after being married to a stallion like Emilio Estevez the others just pale in comparison.

But there was one stand-out. It wasn't the clothes that he wore, or the car that he drove. It was those berzerker eyes: big, bright blue, and staring like they can just bore right into your brain like a laser beam. Well, maybe they're not that bad, but they're still somewhat alarming. His mouth may be smiling (kind of), but his eyes are chucking you into the wood chipper. Brrr.

Apparently JT is as creepy as he looks. After dating for less than a year, Paula decided to break things off in March. JT, however, doesn't seem to get it, and has been pummeling Paula with repeated calls, text messages and is even showing up at her door, unannounced and uninvited. Paula even said he tried to kick the door in. He's also tailing her around town and shows up wherever she goes. That's scary. I hope she sticks to her guns and keeps him at a distance. She might be nuttier than granola, but this guy sounds like he could be dangerous.