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The Case Of The Canadian Boy Bander And The Country Beard: Leann And Eddie Caught On Tape 19.Mar.2009

Now that's incriminatingOh, I think somebody's got some 'splainin' to do. At least LeAnn didn't try to outright lie about it, like dumb Eddie did. If he was thinking with the head on his shoulders he would have realized that still photos of video can only come from ... video. While the stills were incriminating enough, the video is a slam dunk. See for yourself here.

What is it about those Lifetime movies? If I was married to an actor I would never let him work for Lifetime. What, do they show porn between takes? First it was Tori and Dean, and now these two. Both, of course, are married, and Eddie's got two kids.

LeAnn was married at like 19 to someone who definitely looks like he plays for the other team, something whispered about throughout their seven-year marriage. She has admitted that they're going through a "difficult time" and doesn't deny she loves sucking on Eddie's fingers or spending three hours in a hotel with him. Douche Eddie, on the other hand, thought he could deny his wandering dick. I'm sure his very pretty wife will never watch Lifetime again. I'll bet that's going to be some wrap party.