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Uncle Karl Says Fashion Week Was A Blast, But It's Time To Go Home Now 07.Oct.2009

This picture of Uncle Karl is not from Fashion Week, but it's one of my favorites. I love Karl Lagerfeld. He's just so dramatic. You have to wonder why he hates Heidi Klum so much, but he's such a trip to have around you kinda put up with his shit, just let him rant a little. And you have to love a man who can design clothes like that.

I wish someone had cornered Uncle Karl to get his thoughts on some of Fashion Week's most notable events, like Blohan's Ungaro fiasco, or on this year's hottest trend, see-through dresses - undergarments optional. I've seen more of Rihanna's naughty bits than I'd care to, but she's far from alone. What's disturbing is that every day there's a new picture of someone in a sheer black dress or shirt with their nippies exposed to the world. It can't be coincidental or accidental. Why bother wearing a shirt?