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Blake Incarcerated May Not Be Compensated As He Seems To Have Inseminated A Fellow Junkie 14.Apr.2009

Such a toolMan, he's got some taste in women. I love Amy's music, but knockout she ain't, and Blake's rehab slag isn't much better. Check her out here. Love that giant mole under the eyebrow. Sexy. Mama.

Apparently this woman is shameless enough to admit having sex practically every day for three weeks with one Blake Incarcerated, who since his release from jail has been working night and day to help liberate Amy from at least half of her fortune. It's not like he had to really try - her dalliances while he was in stir are well-documented. Blake and his family (especially his freaky mom) were getting set for a hefty payoff when this creature crawled out from under a rock.

The slag tells News of the World all about her brief affair with Blake in nauseating detail. It's pretty rough; this girl obviously still isn't talking from a good place and it shows. It also shows how much of a piece of shit Blake is, as he clearly once again took advantage of a woman too f**ked up to know better. I hope he gets stuck with all the court costs and leaves the way he came - penniless.