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Tony Parker Was Telling The Truth The Whole Time. X17 Online Forced To Publicly Recant Entire Story 07.Apr.2008

This is how they roll ...This was an interesting, if not expected conclusion. x17 went on and on about this French "model" and her claims of being Tony Parker's mistress, and how they had proof. I'm guessing it wasn't very reliable. Maybe they should stop paying 50 photographers a day to tail Britney and invest instead in a couple of investigators and a fact-checker or two.

Tony denied even having met the woman from the day the story broke, and Eva's support never wavered; within weeks they had filed a $40 million suit against x17, and must have won the judge over, because x17 had an apology posted on their website this weekend that included mamby-pamby little phrases about how they "regret having been misled", the idea being to claim ignorance of the scheme in hopes of receiving a more lenient (read: cheaper) judgment.

Thus ends the sad case of a gossip site being punished for mistaking itself for a hard news site instead of the online tabloid that it is. Pap pictures get big bucks because there's a demand for them, not because of their journalistic integrity or historical value.