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Celebrities Sure Like Charities. Especially If The Charity Has A Fancy Party Where They Can Wear Dresses! 16.Jan.2008

Rachel and Amy SmartCelebs were out in full force for the Art of Elysium Benefit earlier this week. It is no wonder a bunch of actresses jumped at the chance to go to this party. With no Golden Globes and possibly no Oscars this is one of there only chances to show how good they look in white satin. The Art of Elysium is a a non-profit organization that brings creative projects to children with serious medical conditions and also has really good parties! Courtney Cox was there sporting her usual look of straight, long black hair (just cut it 2 inches to be different Courtney! When you first on Friends your hair changed every week. Take a note from Katie Holmes!) as was Kate Walsh, Brittney Snow, Sophia Bush, Zach Braff, best friends Ali Larter and Amy Smart and Rachel Bilson who looked stunning in her white satin dress. Ali Larter and Bonnie Somerville