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You, Too, Can Dress Like Fishsticks! Goop Couture, Coming Soon 27.Mar.2009

What Goop Couture could look likeUmm ... I've never thought of Gwyneth Paltrow as fashionable. As a matter of fact she's usually a walking faux pas. In the past year or so she's taken to wearing micro-minis and six-inch stilettos and because of her Gooping herself to skin and bones she can pull it off, but still. Let the stylist turn her back for a second and she's looking like ass again.

But Gwyneth is obscenely rich and looking for something to do, so why not? If Katie Price can sell a range anyone can. Besides, it's not like she's really going to do the designing. That's what the hired help is for.

One thing's for sure: she's going to have to be a little more practical with her pricing, what with the economy being in the shitter and all. Nobody wants to pay hundreds of dollars for something that looks like the bottom of a day-old salad.