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Jon And Kate Plus ... Octomom?!? Will Nobody Think Of The Children? 19.Oct.2009

I'll pick you up at 8:00Forget about that stupid divorced dads show that Jon and Michael Lohan are trying to whore out. Just think what a huge hit it would be if Nadya got her creepy claws into that mealy-mouthed douchebag. My God, they're perfect for each other.

Kate's gonna be laughing her ass off when she hears this one. Radar interviewed the Octomom again for some reason and the reporter told Nadya about the Gosselins' impending divorce. Her reaction was blood-curdling - she got ... excited when she heard that Jon is now a free agent. Yark! However, in her infinite wisdom, she doesn't feel that a single mother should date because it's not healthy for the kids. "I don? t think any single mother of any amount of kids should start dating,? said the master of conception. I understand what she's saying. It's much more normal to recruit a sperm donor and cultivate multiple embryos every few years.

Octomom also said she doesn't think it's healthy for the Plus 8 to be exploited on a reality show, but that's only because she couldn't find any buyers for her own show. Now if she hooks up with Jon, that might change. I could totally see these two together - they're much more compatible (read: batshit crazy). They even sorta look alike. Brrr.