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Denise Richards Will Do Whatever It Takes To Get Show Renewed 21.Sep.2008

Can't handle the truthTalk about beating a dead horse. Denise's show, It's Complicated, dropped faster than Lehman stock after its debut. Nobody wants to watch her pigs fornicating, and everyone cringed when she trotted out the C word. But hey, that was just a tired tiger showing its stripes: Denise will always carry a little piece of Heidi's house in her heart. Or in that empty abyss where it should be.

Denise is not about to let her piece of shit show fade into obscurity, though. When the cancellation rumors began to swirl, she dragged ex-husband Charlie Sheen back into court on a trumped-up sexual abuse claim that the judge threw right back into her face. Doesn't she realize what these claims do to her daughters? It's no surprise they're always scowling when photographed with her. If they don't hate her yet, they will grow up to. Trust.

And now she's trying to push the network into committing to a new season even though the ratings sucked. By planting stories that the show is being renewed she's trying to box them into a corner

. She doesn't have that kind of pull in Hollywood, though. And it's not like she can use her feminine wiles to sway the studio heads. Everyone knows Ryan Seacrest produces her show, and he's probably afraid of her. If he isn't yet, he will be. If she could, she'd drag him into court next, but it won't be for sexual harassment. We all know she's not his type.