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Is Sean Penn In Detox? How Can The Stooges Go On Without Him? 17.Jun.2009

Taking a time-outOK, first of all, I never thought of Penn as good Stooges material. I grew up watching Moe, Larry and Curly with my grandfather. Call me corny, but they still make me giggle a little.

Everyone knows Sean Penn likes to party hard. Stories of his escapades are legendary - the Russian hookers he entertained in the same hotel as his wife and kids, clubbing with the Blohan ... hell, anyone that could keep up with her must need help.

So where did Sean go? After a strong year that ended with an Oscar for his role in Milk, he had a full docket of upcoming movies, at least two of which he has bowed out of, claiming a need for "an undetermined sabbatical ? possibly as much as a year ? to focus on his family."

Since when does Sean Penn give a shit about his family? He and Robin have filed for - and then taken back - divorce papers at least three times. Now all of a sudden he cares? No, I think Page Six was talking about Sean when they mentioned the actor ... on hiatus due to a drug relapse? He claimed he needed time off because of the heartbreak of his public split, but he's actually headed to rehab.