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Great American Spinster Develops New Taste For Haggis And Long Walks On A Leash 21.Apr.2009

Doesn't look mutualIs she paying him, like all the others? Is this all for The Baster, or is Jen falling for yet another commitment-shy man whore?

Let's be honest here. As hot as Gerard Butler is, in that get him drunk and bust him up kinda way, his track record with women is less than stellar: Cameron Diaz, Paris Hilton, Shanna Moakler ... he's like a big hairy petrie dish.

But the bitch that Brange broke isn't looking for another husband, despite all the pity party press releases from her publicist. Nor does she really want a baby. She doesn't have time for that shit - she's a major movie star now and needs to devote every minute of her time to herself. Because she's all that really matters. She could give a rat's ass about what John Mayer is saying about her now; in three months he'll be a nobody and she'll still be the only thing that matters.