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If All The Sexually Transmitted Diseases Were Confined To One Place, This Is What It Would Look Like 28.Feb.2009

Wow. I think we finally found a situation where Paris is embarrassed. Who woulda thought? As far as Paris has fallen from the A-list, she's usually careful not to be photographed with those even lower than she lest some of their loser cooties rub off on her. As recently as a year ago security would have never let Tila near the Wonk, but that was before the DUI, the jail stint, the storage locker, the dogs in the closet ... the CAA Globes party where she was tossed out on her tail. Twice.

Tila, on the other hand, must feel like she's finally hit the big time. In the eyes of a reality whore like Tila, Paris is a veritable legend, the one who started it all with The Simple Life. Tila must have spent all her reality show earnings however, as she had to attend this event in her mother's blouse. And bra.

Can you imagine what these two could grow in a petri dish? Talk about germ warfare.