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Father Of The Year Kevin Federline Lost His Daughter At Disneyland 03.Jun.2008

Still cashin' those checks, dogHey, you gotta feel sorry for the guy. He only had two nannies, a bodyguard and two Disney ushers helping him out. It's really easy to lose a kid with all those grownups around. He should tell Britney he needs to hire more help ... or stop interviewing at Hooters.

Last week, Kevin scrounged up enough cash to take all of his children to Disneyland. It's hard to do these things when you don't have a job and you make roughly a quarter-million a year in child support. So he and his entourage took the kids for a day of fun, and fun was had by all ... until Kori, his daughter with Shar Jackson, disappeared. A Disney employee found her wandering near the "Find Nemo" ride, and about ten minutes later a "frantic" (read: about to be canned) nanny ran over and claimed her.

Not everyone thinks Kevin's doing a bad job; Prive Las Vegas named Kevin a Father of the Year just in time for one of the most shameless Father's Day promotions in history. Exactly who is Kevin supposed to be a role model for? Are there little boys out there who think, "When I grow up I want to knock up a famous lady and win millions for doing what everyone else does for free"?