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Tiger Sends Wife And Kids Into Volcanic Ash Cloud, Hits The Town Looking For Hookers 20.Apr.2010

Buh-bye!Oh, yeah. It's all over except the division of marital property. You can't blame Elin for bailing - every time she comes within five miles of her husband another floozy pops up with all the gory details of their times with Tiger. She did what any of us would probably do in the same situation. Except I wouldn't have stopped whacking him with that golf club until ... well, you know.

Elin threw in the towel today and hopped aboard a private flight home to Sweden with the kids. This comes after separate vacations for the couple amid an almost constant barrage of media coverage. Like I said, who could blame her? All the money in the world couldn't make that kind of humiliation go away. It's terribly unfair of Tiger and his people to think they could finagle that, all in the name of preserving that income stream. He's already got more money than he could ever possibly spend; if he was truly committed to saving his marriage he would have taken the break from golf his wife begged him for. It's not about career; it's about ego and maybe she's finally had enough. Elin reportedly met with a prominent divorce attorney last week.

In the meantime, is Tiger sitting at home pining for his perfect family? Hell no, brutha. Radar is reporting that Tiger went out for dinner with a bunch of friends just a few hours after Elin's plane left. They say he was on his best behavior, but we all know he was just scoping out the waitresses. They're tastier than strippers, and usually have less miles on them. He will continue to do as he pleases - he can get away with that in his hometown - and leave it up to Elin whether she wants to make the split legal. I think she's crazy if she doesn't.