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Never Mind The Doobie: What Was Chace Crawford Really Doing In A Bar Parking Lot With Another Man? 05.Jun.2010

REEFER MADNESS!!That Jamaican drug lord who's got all of Kingston in an uproar has nothing on this pretty little gossip boy. The cops popped him with an itsy bitsy teensy weensy bit of weed - one joint, to be exact. In New York he would have only gotten a ticket, but this was Plano, Texas ... and what was pretty little Chace doing that caught the officer's attention? Were he and his mysterious male companion perhaps engaged in some other type of activity when discovered?

Ever since he was roomies with his co-star Ed Westwick people have speculated about Crawford's sexuality. There were even rumors that the two were making out on set, which of course were emphatically denied by all. The two split up before long, claiming an Odd Couple kind of defense - one was a neat freak, the other a slob - and they've both conspicuously dated others, but the rumors persist. And now Chace has been caught sharing a doobie out in a dark parking lot with a pal who remains unnamed. I think there's more to this story than meets the eye, but I wonder if we'll ever know.