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Catfight! Zac And Shia Hate Each Other, Will Scratch Each Other's Eyes Out 03.Feb.2010

I got somethin' for you, ShiaOh, it's gonna be a war, people. When these two flyweights collide there will be hair gel and wrist splints everywhere. What if someone gets like, hurt or something. Without their pretty faces, their careers are down the tubes. Oscar caliber they're not.

But they do both have promising careers, even if they're still not leading man quality in a grown-up film. Zac has been doing his best to act like the mature serious young thespian - gone are the teen idol pout poses and the whole HSM thing that made him a household name. He wants to make that difficult transition to serious roles. Does he have staying power? Can he even act? That remains to be seen.

Shia, for his part, has been doing his best to stay out of trouble. Gone are the drunken outbursts in drug stores. His two big roles so far have been in Transformers and the last Indiana Jones. Does he have the chops? Maybe, if he keeps his shit together.

In the meantime, Shia and Zac are at war. Their competition for many of the same roles, and even some of the same women (although I still think Zac's got a beard thing going on), making them mortal enemies. I hope they keep them separated; a tussle between these two would be enormous(ly hilarious).I bet you do, Zac