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Tiger By The Tail: Elin Wants $750 Million To Walk Away And Keep Her Mouth Shut 23.May.2010

See you in court, assholeWell, it's not actually his tail that got him so jammed up, but it's close enough. Elin wants out, and she wants three-quarters of Tiger's bank to do so. She also wants full custody of their two kids. Sound like a lot to you? Not to me.

Let's not forget the ten years of loyal marriage, raising their two kids virtually on her own as her husband ran around the world raking in billions and shagging anything remotely female. She had to suffer the humiliation of learning of her husband's wandering dick in excruciating detail over and over again, as more and more strippers, hookers and horny waitresses came forward. Those bitches cashed in. Why shouldn't she? The difference between Elin and the mistresses is that they were all content with a tiny morsel of the golfing great's wealth; she won't be content until she cleans his f**king clock. It's the only weapon she has in this battle, and girlfriend is swinging for the bleachers. As she should.

Can you imagine what life will be like for Elin after this putrid ordeal is over? She will still be beautiful, fabulously wealthy and young ... and she will forever be known as the betrayed wife, the cuckolded spouse, the sucker for her husband's bullshit. It's good that she's going back home to Sweden, where she has the best chance of starting her life over again away from the disaster her marriage became. That 750 mil will go a long way toward achieving the closure she needs to move on. Hopefully she'll do better with her divorce payoff than Heather Mills did.