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Surprise, Surprise: A-rod And Spitzer Had The Same Taste In Rugged-looking Women 24.Mar.2009

Let's play tranny in the middleDainty miss Kristin Davis (the Manhattan Madam, not the SATC chick) must be getting short of cash now that she's been stripped of her livelihood. She's getting ready for another round of spill the beans, and this time it's not just the Luv Guv she's after: This time she talks about disgraced juicer Alec Rodriguez and how he was not only a client, he was a freebie.

It's not like he punched all the tickets on his sandwich card. Being the fan of musclebound women that he is, A-Rod took one look at the burly Miss Kristin and fell in love. He reportedly chased her for a year before she finally tucked it in and turned him out. Of course this all happened when he was very much married.

If all that wasn't bad enough, Davis also embellishes her tale with claims that he confided his steroid use to her, saying he just wanted to be the best little ballplayer he could be. Just like he wanted to be the best little husband he could be, and anyone could see how that turned out.