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What Did Charlie Do? 2 1/2 Charges Of Domestic Violence, No Cheerleaders Or Golf Clubs In Sight 26.Dec.2009

Excellent mug shot!Oh, that Charlie Sheen. His personal life is such a godawful mess. He must be such a prince to live with. When he and Denise Richards divorced it was as messy as messy gets, and a lot of people chalked it up to Denise just being who she is, but let's not forget Charlie's penchant for paid cheerleaders - it's how they met, after all. Charlie moved on, impregnating and then marrying Brooke Mueller, but domestic bliss has continued to elude him.

Charlie was arrested in Aspen on Christmas morning for two felony and one misdemeanor charge of domestic violence. He spent most of Christmas Day in jail before bailing out, and probably didn't rush back to his wife. In the midst of all this mayhem it was revealed that Brooke has been living in Colorado in a rented house for the last few months while Charlie stayed back in LA. Is there trouble already? They've only been married a little over a year.

Whatever the case, something caused Brooke to call 911 early Friday morning, claiming her husband assaulted her. He was taken out of the house despite his claims that he was defending himself - and maybe he was. Both Charlie and Brooke were breathalyzed; she came out the winner with a .13 to his .04. At 8:30 in the morning. Now that she's sobered up, she has recanted her claims of abuse, but may face charges herself if cops find she lied. Boy, that Charlie. He sure knows how to bring out the best in a woman.