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Madonna's Granny Gristle In A Bunch Over Guy's Freeloading Ways And A-rod's Perfect Sperm 21.Oct.2008

Got a thing for red stringIt's getting uglier by the minute, folks. What started out as amicable is turning into a vicious campaign of name-calling and media manipulation. She's a cold-hearted control freak who denied her family sweets and TV; he's a heartless cad who made her pay for everything and wants half of all she owns. There's probably a shred of truth to both sides, as is usual in a divorce.

Is Madonna using the hired help to give her the inside dirt on Guy's divorce strategy? Probably. Will she tear his family away from him to chase yet another famous younger man, this time on her old stomping grounds of New York City? Probably not. As self-absorbed as Madonna is, she's a good mother, and she knows that uprooting the children would only harm them, so she's staying in London.

That's not to say that A-Rod is out of the picture. He's buying a penthouse just down the block from Madge's digs on Central Park West, and the two have quietly been getting together while she's stateside for the North American leg of her tour. They're said to be planning their future, which may include a baby, since she thinks he's such a "great specimen". There must be something in that Kabbalah water after all.