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Pop Sellouts: Are Pussycat Dolls Taking The Money And Running? Are We Shocked? 22.Sep.2008

Ever suspected that all those references to brands in pop lyrics were carefully placed ads playing with the listener's subconscious?

Well, e-mails sent by a marketing agency -- "provides a glimpse into the secretive market for song lyric product placement," suggests Wired Magazine.

"In the e-mail, Kluger (who has represented Mariah Carey, New Kids on the Blog, Ne-Yo, Fall Out Boy, Method Man, Lady GaGa and Ludacris) explained that for the right price, Double Happiness Jeans could find its way into the lyrics in an upcoming Pussycat Dolls song..."

This begs the question(s)

(1) How upset should we be that terrible sh*tty over-produced-pop creations are secretly selling things to us?

(2) Does any dare consider the Pussy Cat Dolls....gaaak, a real 'Band? '

More than likely, if you listen to the Pussy Cat Dolls, chances are you probably already know about the product they're hawking...but, this is just another reason to question -- 'commercial music' and how it messes with your brain...

'Anybody else wondering how much Janis Joplin made from that Mercedes Benz placement...?