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Omigod! Jane Fonda Said "cunt" On The Today Show, Must Have Been Thinking Of Georgia Rules 14.Feb.2008

Hate you. Hate you more.... and that redheaded, drunken slut of a co-star. Their mutual hatred just beamed out of the publicity shots, didn't it? I especially liked the one where Jane intentionally blocked Lindsay's cleavage with her hand - I tried to find it but couldn't. Say what you will about Jane's personal peccadilloes, but she's always been a professional: on time and on her mark when shooting. Working with Blohan must have been downright infuriating.

Jane's professional veneer splintered a bit today as she appeared on the Today show to promote her appearance in The Vagina Monologues' tenth anniversary performance. When asked by Meredith Vieira about her participation, Jane mentioned that she'd never "done cunt before". Um, OK. According to playwright Eve Ensler, who was disappointed that NBC censored the segment on the left coast, "The whole point of the play is to reclaim that word, and to make that word beautiful, and to make that word powerful, and not denigrating, and not ugly." Um, OK. Can't we all just get along without flaunting our growlers on daytime TV?