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Impostor! Posh Steals Identity Of Toilet Paper Dolly For Marc Jacobs, Dolly Vows Revenge 31.May.2008

Posh dispenser? She'll see. She thought Heidi was bad with the weekly cupcakes? That's nothing compared to what a jilted bathroom accessory can do when wronged. Better watch out, bony broad.

Posh's ads for Marc Jacobs started out being really funny, made even more so by her gangly legs and bulging, malnourished eyes. The woman must have a great sense of humor; you can see she's having a grand time.

This latest set of shots just didn't cut it, though. If this is Marc and/or Posh's idea of emulating Amy Winehouse's tattered fashions, it really fell short, and Posh looks like she's mounted on a pole. (Or was it an exhaust pipe? )

Whatever the inspiration, Toilet Paper Dolly feels like she's been robbed, and she's not taking this lying down, and she's a force to be reckoned with. Remember the shots of Lindsay doing coke in the bathroom that first surfaced last year? Who do you think took them? Posh would be wise to watch her back ... and wash her hands.