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Is Sexy Sarah Dumping Her Troopergate Husband For A Talk Show/book Deal? 06.Aug.2009

Sexy SarahLet's be real here. This woman doesn't want to be in politics. She wants to be at center stage, preferably with the cameras panning up as she struts around in her hooker boots. This woman is an attention whore of the worst kind. She holds nothing more sacred.

Sarah bailed on being governor of Alaska after it got a little too hot in the kitchen. She had more scandals brewing than a celebutante, some of which could have gotten her into serious legal trouble. Sources say she now views her husband Todd as a liability and wants to cut him loose. She's gotta hurry up and close some deals before her 15 minutes is up, and he's slowing her down.

And what will happen to the Palins if Sarah runs away to Tinseltown? Todd may finally find a woman who loves and respects him, and maybe she can be a good mother figure to her f**ked up kids. They could use all the help they can get.