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Did Owen Wilson Fall Off The Wagon At The Viceroy? 20.Oct.2007

Happy OwenWasn't Britney also hanging out there recently? I think they have her bartending application on file. Too bad there's no immediate openings ... for the next decade or so.

Just because they don't hire emotionally unstable drunks doesn't mean they won't serve them though. According to numerous witnesses, Owen staggered into the hotel drunk this week, and joined some friends for "several" bottles of vodka. Why anyone would serve someone whose troubles are so public is beyond me, but maybe management didn't want to lose favor with the celebrity crowd. Maybe the Viceroy wants to become the next Chateau Marmont. Right where Lindsay left it When last we checked on Owen, we heard he had a sober companion staying with him 24-7. And where are his brothers now? All it took was one tabloid story that Kate wanted him back to send him over the edge again. Next thing you know Dax will be spotted on the Golden Gate Bridge while Ron Burkle tries to find someone to show him how to turn on the gas so he can stick his head in the oven. Kate's got that kind of power over men.