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Busted Again! John Edwards Wants To Be Like Tiger Woods When He Grows Up 13.Jan.2010

While this hasn't been confirmed by any other outlets, The National Enquirer has been dead on throughout the Edwards Bone-athon scandal, so I'm inclined to believe. It's hard to believe anyone could be that stupid, though. Or does he believe his own hype, that the rules don't apply to one as exalted as he. Oh, blow it out your ass, f**ktard.

This week's Enquirer has the story of one Stephanie Breshears, a bartender at a place called the Kornerstone in North Carolina. Stephanie says that Edwards turned up there after a brawl with his wife and tried to convince her to come back to his house for sexy times four nights in a row. She also says that when not flirting with her, John was chasing anything without a dick, including girls young enough to be his daughter. For the record, Stephanie thinks he's scum.

This is an opinion sure to be shared by Elizabeth Edwards (how she hasn't boiled him alive yet is beyond me), who is finally said to be ready to ditch the piece of shit once and for all. Long overdue, I say. I can imagine that Rielle Hunter, the original mistress and mother of their love child, is pretty peeved, too. He sure didn't waste any time leaving her in the dust, not that we expect anything else from him. The biggest mistake John Kerry ever made was choosing this chump as a running mate.