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Serial Miller To Study Small Appliance Repair In Case Movie Career Fails 28.Dec.2008

Who cares what the neighbors say? Or "Sienna Miller On How I Spent My Christmas Holiday". She believed Balthazar when he said he would only spend half the day with the kids. But there's four of them and only one of him, and that not-quite-ex-wife isn't helping by not letting him go but not taking him back. Sienna's not sure what to do.

So she put on her sleaziest cheap hooker outfit (straight from the Sarah Palin collection) - all shiny, all plastic, all much, much too small - in preparation for Balty's big entrance. What kind of gifts would he bring? Would he be drunk? He's so much more fun when he's hammered.

But the hours dragged on, and still no Getty. She couldn't call - she promised she wouldn't when she knows he's with the kids. She can't text - he doesn't know how, and probably wouldn't respond anyway. The minute he sees the kids it's like she doesn't exist. She hates it but can't seem to change that. All she can do is climb up on the counter top and flash the small appliances. It's a cheap, tacky thrill but she can't help herself. She's never met a toaster she didn't like, and that coffeemaker is the hotness.